Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Time Flies!
Courtney is starting high school.

Marty is starting Jr. High.

Christopher is in the Upper Halls.
Nicholas is starting Kindergarten...

Mom is starting a life where kids are at school all day.

First Day 2006
Christ starting Kindergarten, Marty in 3rd, Courtney in 6th

First Day 2007
(Courtney was Marty's age--starting Jr. High
Marty was Chris' age -- starting 4th grade
Christopher was about Nick's age--starting 1st grade)


Blue said...

so whacha gonna do with all your new-found free time?

I have to get your books back to you. and we need to hang out. after labor day i'll be back in town, but it's in and out between now and then.

kids grow up too fast. the end. amen.

jukebox6 said...

Hooray to a new beginning for you! I will look for you enjoying your run. Even better let's do it together.

matt, bekah, jax said...

Congrats Shaeffer kiddos. Time does fly...