Sunday, June 13, 2010


We successfully fit in sightseeing in Seattle all in one day -- and had time leftover to swim in the hotel pool and watch a movie...well Mom and Dad watched a movie in their room and the kids opted to watch Disney Channel in their room.

The city is walkable and we didn't need our car at all for this day around town.

We started at Pike's Place Market Place, which has been described as a Farmer's Market, but that title doesn't really do this place justice. Fresh fish just off the boat, gorgeous peonies in a variety of pinks, a rainbow of fruit, handmade jewelry... The variety was incredible.

Next we walked up to the monorail and took it to Seattle Center--home to the Space Needle. We made reservations for brunch the next day and then explored the Experience Music Project. The Jimi Hendrix exhibit captured Dan's attention more than the rest of us, but soon the kids found the interactive music rooms. Each soundproof room had an instrument to play -- electric guitars, drums, synthesizer, mixer, vocals. We all had a blast playing each of the instruments.

We ate lunch at Blue C Sushi where the food comes by your table on a conveyor belt. You simply choose what you want to eat, take it off the line and stack your plates so your waitress can see what you need to pay. Food was great, too!

We tried the underground tour but while the history was interesting and the guides joke throughout the tour to make it entertaining, we were essentially trudging down to a damp, smelly basement. It wasn't much to see and we bailed after two of the three undergrounds.

We had dinner that night at The Crab Pot where there aren't plates. They just dump your fresh-caught crab right on the table, hand you a mallet and you go for it. Soooo delicious! Gelato at the shop near our hotel was the perfect dessert.

The next morning as we drove to the ferry we drove past the underground troll in Fremont.

Now we're on Whidbey Island -- a short 15 minute ferry ride 30 minutes north of Seattle. It's quiet and quaint. Peaceful and relaxing.

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