Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Awarded To...

For the past 6 years I've printed up the Awards Certificates for my kids' elementary school. It started out as part of my PTA commission. But when I found out in past years some dedicated PTA volunteer had hand written the names--in calligraphy no less!--for over 200 certificates, I offered to take over the process permanently and enter us into the modern age.

Because let's be real -- while the elementary school certificates are special, I think I'm the only person on the planet who actually saved mine in a scrapbook. And I don't think the kids are running their fingers over the print to see if it's embossed or not.

And on top of that "PTA Volunteer" is a euphemism for "already very busy Mom who is willing to donate some of her time to the school -- squeezing that volunteer time into an already full life of raising children, keeping up a home, and often other service or church responsibilities. And let's face it, these over-achiever volunteer moms have also begat over-achiever children and therefore she's their primary transportation to all their additional activities -- music lessons, sports activities and church and service groups.

So no one has the time for calligraphy and therefore I incorporated the not-so-new yet often confusing technology of Mail Merge and agreed to be the awards certificate person for the rest of my future at the school. I've got it down to a science. This year I even branched out and created some certificates with a different look so that if you've got Excellent Attendance AND the Community of Caring recipient AND were in Service Club AND Safety Patrol, your certificates will look a little different for each. And will look lots better in your acid-free archival quality scrapbook.


Julie said...

You should be a freelance writer, for a parenting magazine. . . with all your free time.
Great insight and humor.

Brenda said...

How fun that your kids get to go to Cottonwood Elementary!!

Josh and Megan said...

Thanks for all you do for our school...I appreciate you!
Just next time, could you please find out how to include the teachers signature? That would help out alot! ha ha