Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Stop, A Volcano.

After a whirlwind last few weeks of school and then 2 very relaxing first days of summer, our family has traveled to Seattle on vacation. We arrived last night and immediately fell in love with the city--or perhaps were all so happy to be IN a big city--we all love walking outside our door and being in the middle of everything.

The air is clear, the weather refreshingly cool. Everything is green and tall trees line the highway reminding me why Utah is considered a desert. Although I was sad to leave Utah this week because winter finally left just last week and the air is filled with the most wonderful spring smells. I'm worried the blossoms will be gone when we get back and I'll have missed out. Hopefully not.

Last night it was still light when we arrived at our hotel. A big bowl of freshly popped popcorn and Cokes for the big kids and apple juice for the two littles greeted us in our room. Aaaaaaahhhh, customer service!

Today the weather is rainy but the next few days are predicted to be sunny. So we're taking a road trip to Mount St. Helens. The rental minivan feels extra special to the kids since they think our SUV is so boring and "why can't we have a minivan?" It even has an AUX plug so we stopped at Best Buy and bought a cord so we could plug in Courtney's iPod. So with good tunes and a minivan what more could we want for a road trip?

Courtney is making friendship bracelets and attempting to teach Nicholas how to make them too. Marty is reading a new summer book, "Ender's Game" and listening to his iPod, Chris and Nick are taking turns coloring and playing the DSi. Dan is alternately on the phone doing business and programming his new GPS to get us on the right road. Amazing that I can be updating my blog while driving in the car. Taking photos with my phone and e-mailing them to Dan's account so they are magically transported onto this laptop where I can upload them to my blog. We're on vacation!


Blue said...

My 10 yr old boy is burning through the Ender series right now. He's so loving those books!

Have a great time in SEA. Doc and I were there a few months ago and we loved it. ♥

Julie said...

Thank-you for all the Seattle posts! Wow!! What a fun adventure.