Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wow! Wow! WOW!

Today was action-packed! I did a Triathlon this morning with my friend, Darci and with Marty and his friends. The swim was in a pool, which was fun and much less stressful than in the lake. I haven't been clocking very many running miles this year so I was thrilled I was able to get through the run and finish!

Even more thrilling was to watch Marty compete in the Kids Tri. They started after we finished so we could watch them. They swam 100 yds, biked 3.4 miles and ran 1 mile. I was a little worried about Marty in the swim because we'd only practiced once. He did awesome!! He kept up a great speed the whole time, passed lots of kids and didn't tire out. He said he felt great the whole time! He had a huge smile on his face the whole race until the very end of the run when he put the heat on trying to beat a kid to the finish and almost puked at the end :-) The end of the run was a huge hill and again I wondered if he would make it. Yes! He ran hard up the hill and kept going strong to the finish. (He's got a little Sheree in him! Or maybe an Angela from bygone days!) **Click on the photo of Marty leaving with his bike to see his HUGE smile!**

We got up at 6:00 to get to the Tri. Marty finished at 9:45 and we changed clothes quickly and made it to his Orchestra Concert/Violin Recital culminating Suzuki Institute at 10:00. The cool thing was he was really excited about playing in the orchestra concert because they had learned "such fun songs" this week. (The conductor was a visiting professor from Argentina. His Recital Conductor was visiting from Sweden.) As soon as he was done playing at 12:00, we darted over to his baseball game and made it there at the top of the second inning. Stopped for lunch at 2:00 and then home to relax the rest of the day. He's an amazing kid and talented in so many areas. I'm really proud of you, Marty!

Thanks also to Courtney and friends for holding down the fort all afternoon.

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Helen said...

Good job Angela and Marty!