Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Desk Clean-Out

With the end of school fast-approaching, the kids needed to clean out their desks. Christopher kept telling me he'd need a ride home because there was too much to carry. I told him he could surely fit everything in his backpack. He told me he couldn't.

Well...he was able to fit everything in his backpack--just barely! I never expected that this organized boy who loves a clean room (when not in the middle of a building project -- Legos or currently my mom's moulding samples from her new house) would horde this much stuff in his desk!! Yes...ALL of it was in his desk!

Ahhhh...but as I sorted through the mess (because you know it would kill me to throw it all away without going through it and organizing it first), I wanted to wrap my arms around my second-grader and keep a memory of his second-gradeness forever.

Literally HUNDREDS of pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils, erasers and bits of trash!

Of course there were no pencils in the pencil box, but instead it had been turned into a "home" for the metal leg-post which was actually a "portal to the outer world to get out of the pencil box." The portal's red sleeping bag is on the right and don't be fooled by what looks like an ordinary glue stick cap. It's actually a night-light for "portal."

Several pairs of scissors, glue sticks, tape, Bakugon cards etc.

The yo-yo was transformed into "evil son of Greenness."

Lots and lots and lots (only a fraction shown of what actually existed) of pens that had been disassembled. (Remember how exciting it was to discover how to take pens apart!)

Ever-present Legos.

Homemade pencil/pen combo held together by a plastic tube.

Several of his teacher's pencils (marked and flagged with her address label).

Bite of a doughnut, portion of a chocolate-chip cookie, gummy finger I can only imagine had been there since Halloween and something rotten, moldy and slimy in a ziploc bag.

Lots of Sharpies. Not quite sure where he got these from -- I can only assume his teacher. (I'm secretly excited because who doesn't love a Sharpie and he collected quite a mother lode!)


matt, bekah, jax said...

love this. Hysterical. I was laughing out loud at the misc food leftovers. He is so awesome! said...

I feel so lucky that I got to see his desk stuffed with all that when I went to school for grandparents day. It was truly amazing! I wish I had taken a photo. I wanted to start organizing it right then-but I didn't. We were having too much fun with him showing me his hidden butterfly, art work, fun stories he had written and me watching him interact with the other kids in the class. Everyone loves Christopher! He is so fun and nice to everyone. We all want to be around his great energy. Great kid, great fun, I love him soooo much!!! Grandma Nancy

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Anisha said...

That is the funniest thing I've ever seen. Did he come home every day telling you he needed more writing utensils? How would you ever acquire that many? So funny!

Julie said...

Ruby and I read this together and laughed and laughed. I have been cleaning out my children's closets and have run across the same kinds of things. A window into their odd collection of things.