Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Week of Summer OR The Beginning of The Spoon People

Even though we've had downpours every day this week, it still feels like summer! No bedtime, no wake-up times, no lunches to be made and cereal for breakfast.

The first few days started out quietly--Marty went to Basketball Camp and Chris and Dan went to Colorado. Nick started swimming lessons and Courtney was bored at home while I got organized and enjoyed not having a schedule.

Wednesday Nick got his cast off. YEA! (Although it was waterproof so he didn't have to hold back on any activities really.)

By Thursday Chris and Dan were back and the beginning of the spoon people began. I knew Sharpies were great, but add plastic spoons and my youngest children and their friends have been entertained for hours day after day. They invented spoon people at a friends house, because I'm sure if I'd suggested it, it never would have gone over this well.

Marty's team were league champions at camp and Courtney spent the end of the week at youth conference. My new computer arrived and Dan spent the weekend getting it all hooked up. (After he spent last weekend "fixing" my old computer--downloading all files to a new hard drive, installing new hard drive (not so easy in a Mac) reinstalling software and getting everything up and running. Only to find it wasn't the hard drive after all but a something, something failure which means we had to buy a new computer.) So now we have a TERABYTE back-up drive on top of my 350 GB internal drive. SWEET! (And I remember when we got a 1 GB hard drive in our VERY FANCY computer at work 14 years ago which was kept with us in the computer center and only VERY talented people were allowed to use it because it had 1 GB and was SO SPECIAL!! WOWSA! We thought we'd never use THAT MUCH SPACE!!!)

Finally, this is to show how Christopher likes to make his bed -- stuffed animals tucked into his blanket -- everything in its place. Still not quite sure how the desk clutter happened. Oh yeah, he's 8.

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