Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christopher's Christmas Tree

It feels like Christmas all over again around here since Nick's birthday. What a haul! He's unwrapped all his gifts but he'll be opening them for the first time to play with something new for two weeks! So it's not too late to post Christopher's Tree. He really wanted his own tree for his room. We have desktop artificial ones for each child, but he didn't want a fake one -- he wanted the real deal. Turns out he wasn't to greedy. After Dan trimmed a few branches off our tree so it would fit in the stand, Christopher went "shopping" and found the tree he wanted. He found a base from a piece Dan cut off our tree's trunk. Dan drilled a hole and Chris put it together.

Today it went in the trash. But it was a good tree. Christopher really loved that tree. He really wanted to save it until next year. But even good trees have an end. Especially when mom is cleaning and getting organized and wanting everything in it's rightful place. Like the trash. Then it sat for a week in the laundry room because I couldn't bear to throw it out before taking it's picture because... It was a good tree. And Christopher really loved that tree.

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