Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

My favorite night of all the year... at least I try to get excited. And it never is really as bad as I keep thinking it's going to be. Lots of newspaper makes for an easy clean-up and Dan gutted Nicholas' and helped Christopher. We made Marty gut his own this year, which DID NOT make him happy. He wouldn't let me take his picture because I think he was about to puke -- seriously, gutting the pumpkin nearly sends him over the edge. I don't think this one is cut out to be a doctor. As for me, I also bailed on sliming through all the guts to gather all the seeds. I've been pretty dutiful in the past in getting those seeds, washing, drying and roasting them. And the OCD side of me can't let even one seed go to waste. I have to waste 3 minutes separating slime from one single seed instead of just taking the easy ones and not bothering those covered in goop. But I liberated myself this year and I don't have an ounce of regret!

Rebekah sent us a great carving kit and I fell in love with this cute spider web. And then I remembered I'm no artist and my pumpkin's about 2 inches thick and soon realized this was WAY over my head. So I wonder how long this will sit on my counter or if I actually finish it... Happy Halloween!

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