Friday, October 24, 2008

Current Conversations

This is the conversation I'm overhearing right now from my 7-year-old:
Christopher: I've learned a lesson -- you should never get drunk.
Friend: Why?
Christopher: Because you go crazy.
Friend: Who did you learn that from?
Christopher: My friend who got drunk.
Friend: Who's the friend who got drunk?
Christopher: _____ (I'll keep him nameless, but he is also 7. However, I really don't think he's ever been drunk.)
And now the voices have faded away and I can't hear anymore.

1 comment:

jukebox6 said...

Oh no, is it starting already? I know they say that the children learn about this stuff earlier and earlier but 7yrs old? Funny conversation. And yes, drinking does make a person crazy. At least he had his information correct.