Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Once In a Lifetime Perfect Costco Day

Thought I'd hit Costco on Monday to get steaks for dinner and see if by chance they sold elephant costumes. When I pulled up, the VERY first spot in the parking lot -- the closest possible you could be to the carts and door -- was available. Does that EVER happen?

I found my steaks, loaded up on fruit and other grocery and frozen items and SKIPPED TP, paper towels, water and diapers!! Didn't need any of that stuff for the first time ever! I had LEFTOVER space in my cart! THAT never happens!

Check out lines were short, boxes were available and total bill was under $250. THAT'S never happened either!

Skipped my cart to the first parking space, tossed in my few items and once again very much appreciated that I didn't have water to lug into the car and then to the garage and all the other light, yet bulky items that take up so much space--like TP and paper towels. And of course knelt down in the parking lot and gave thanks that I didn't have to buy diapers.

FINALLY, the cart return was right next door to my car. I smiled at the man waiting for my spot and passed on the good Karma to him as I pulled out. Perfect day at Costco. Don't even mind that they don't have elephant costumes.

P.S. If you still love bottled water and ignore the landfill arguments, preferring to focus on the wonderful world of recycling plastic bottles into who knows what, you can buy water from Office Depot and have it delivered (FREE delivery for orders over $50) to your home--directly to your garage or wherever your storage facility may be. At $7.99 for 24 20 oz. bottles, it's more expensive than Costco. But there are alway $20 off coupon for orders of $100 or more. So it comes to about $5.75 a case. And that is worth the extra .75 a case to have it delivered and not have to haul it into your cart than into your car than out of your car and into your garage 15 times!!!


Julie said...

no diapers. that is worth celebrating...and don't forget the weather. Perfect.

Blue said...

I decided about a year and a half ago that I deserved Good Parking Karma...and ever since then (literally), I just kind of imagine or "put out there" that I'd like a good spot, and it happens for me 19 times out of 20. So that's fixed.

I'd give anything to be in diapers still...i mean, to have a kid in one that is. But I'm happy for you that your quiver is full and you feel complete. Love the groovy outfits you and your friend wore!