Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sisters Weekend

We hiked Camelback, jogged the horse path and laughed through a yoga video. We ate healthy meals, concocted breakfast juice drinks, and had Mexican at Pinks (the Mexican equivalent of Hooters, I believe). We laid out by the pool, shopped in Scottsdale and found bargains at Nordstroms DI -- can't remember the name. We discussed the FLDS, birthing stories and the economy.

We were full-time sisters--moms and wives from a distance for three days. We shared clothes, hair tips and food tips. It was just like old times without the fighting--no broken noses or scratches on the face. Our mom came too, hopefully enjoying the fruits of many, many years of labor--of patience and wisdom in child-rearing--and the fulfilling of her words that she said over and over: "You'll be best friends when you grow up."


Julie said...

I just returned from a sisters weekend last week. We must be on the same page. Sisters are the best, but sometimes (sadly) we don't fully get that until we're all grown up.

Camille said...

Hello!? Does this mean you were in Phoenix? You were so close--like 30 minutes away. It would have been fun to see you for a second and say hi!

Camille said...

I'm a dork. I read Camelback and instantly commented. Of course, you were in Scottsdale, and only just minutes away from my house. Did you love the weather or what?! That's why I live here. :)

p.s. You were probably at Last Chance. One of my fav places to shop.