Friday, May 23, 2008

He's Too Old For This!

This is the conversation I just had with my three-year-old who's hanging out watching Arthur in my bedroom. (Who incidentally has always been quite verbal so I KNOW he understands me!):

Me: Why is the carpet wet?
Nicholas: Oh, I peed.
(Two empty water bottles are laying nearby)
Me: Did you try to clean it up with the water bottles?
Nicholas (eyes don't leave the TV): Yep.
Me (getting a rag and trying to soak up): Nicholas, when you have to pee, you need to pee in the potty. Nicholas where should you pee?
Nicholas: Um, on the floor!
Me: No! In the potty.
Nicholas: Am I going to have timeout?

I finish working on the floor and go downstairs. Two minutes later, Nicholas finds me.
Nicholas: I just peed in a cup and poured it in the plant.
Me: What?!
Nicholas: Yep, I did.
Me: Show me.
We walk upstairs to find a little red play cup lying on the floor. There is a trace amount of liquid which doesn't smell too good. I'm guessing he's telling the truth.
Me: Why would you do that?
Nicholas: I poured it in the plant!
Me: That's bad for the plant -- it will kill it.
Nicholas: Ha-ha!

This is why I have a sugar addiction.
Any advice? Anyone? Anyone?


Blue said...

eat donuts. daily. someday he'll leave home and be some other woman's "opportunity". till then, maybe consider a catheter? ♥

bet[c] said...

I'm in the same boat. Hazel just stands there and pees on the floor in the middle of the kitchen. This past week at the beach she started being interested in going and would tell me when she needed to go. But at the beach there are no potties. So once we went back behind the dunes and just pulled aside the middle of her suit. Next thing I know she is standing at the edge of the surf in plain sight of 100s of people pulling aside the crotch of her suit so that she can pee. If she could learn to do that why can;t she just learn to go in the toilet!!??

Chocolate makes it all better.

Courtney said...

That's funny! Why didn't you tell me about this?

Camille said...

Oh, my funnier story. Maybe you could take up roller derby--like me--to use up some of your frustration. Just a thought! :)

Julie said...

Explain now, laugh later, and go to Island Flavor. No, that stuff is gross....but it kind-of rhymes. Come over. I'll make you a smoothie.