Sunday, May 04, 2008

Meet My Mom

She swears she's only 29 and wonders how I got older than her!

Here's more explanation for the photo... I was with my mom trying to teach her how to blog. So I told her to pull up the photo and I'd add it to my blog. I kept the explanation short so we could move on with the blogging lesson! However, here's a full explanation in my mom's own words:

This photo shows me "performing" with my good friend Stephan at Richard MacDonald's after party. The "after party" was the party Richard had after the party he had for the opening of his art gallery at the entrance to Cirque du Soleil's "0" in the Bellagio Hotel. Richard's art is amazing and so inspiring. His parties are always so fun. Richard surrounds himself with wonderful people and he really cares about them. I believe one of the many reasons his art is so uplifting and beautiful is because of the integrated, sensitive, caring, person he is. He sees so much that I don't, but he has the patience to take time to help me "see". He is also very attune to learning from others the things they have leaned to "see" and he wants to "see" or understand better. He is constantly learning, he will never be the type of boring person who "thinks he knows it all". He puts soul into his art. He makes it dance, sing and live, literally, he makes it come alive, as only a truly real person could.
Stephan is a person who not only is an incredible performer but also an incredible person. He is good to the soul and also very fun. At the end of the after party, only a few Cirque people were left and a few others. We started goofing around and I asked Stephan if he could teach me any tricks. This photo shows that if only one person is really talented and exceptional, he can make the other person look good. It is always an uplifting experience to be around Stephan--literally and figuratively!
Stephan created and performed with a female partner an act for Cirque du Soleil. He is now training and helping others with Cirque and on his own. He is also writing new "performing arts" programs. He was looking for a new partner just my size, figure and look. Look no further Stephan!! I have arrived, ready to start my new career as a Cirque performer!!! Is my level of talent and my age a problem?????


Blue said...

is this photoshopped? cause WOW!♥

Camille said...

I have to hear the story behind the picture!

frizzlefry said...

umm yeah, I'm intrigued. Let's hear a little more "back story" shall we?