Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Must See TV Dedication

1995 *To Courtney who I gave birth to the week after the very traumatic ER episode in it's first season when the mom gives birth and dies in labor and the dad and baby are left alone rocking together in the recovery room. (And to my midwife who when I just opened my mouth to say, "I have one question," said, "If you're about to ask about ER, that does NOT happen!")
*To Dan who cried with me at the end of the episode.
1996/1997 *To Central Standard Time which allowed me to get Courtney to bed before the first show started at 8:00 p.m. so Dan and I could watch Seinfeld without our baby.
1997 *To Tiffany who was my Thursday night buddy while our husbands worked late. And to that Hot Wings place that had THE BEST hot wings for Thursday night TV (what was it called?!!?)
1998 *To Phyllis who joined us on our last Thursday night in The City and introduced us to Chubby Hubby which became a staple of the Ross and Rachel years.
2000 *To Bekah who joined me and To Dan again who finally was able to be home early enough to watch our taped episodes.
2000 *To the VCR which allowed us to tape the episodes so we could watch with Dan when he got home from work.
2001 - 2003 *To Rachel who was with me on so many premeire nights!
2004 * To CSI which gave us something to watch when NBC was so pathetic
2005 * To Without A Trace that gave us another thing to watch when CSI got so gory and ER should have been cancelled.
2006 * To The Office and My Name is Earl that survived Spring debuts made Thursday a night to look forward to again!
2007 * To another great year!


matt, bekah & baby jax said...

I MISS PREMEIER NIGHT with you and Dan! Tonight I will be thinking of you as I and my teething, very tired, very grumpy baby watch premier night together sin Matt. :(
Love you! Enjoy! I will be watching The Office, Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. Hope the veggie bake turns out good. It sounds good. But not as good as In and Out Burger (new tradition maybe?)


Michelle said...

Ahh, it's fall and the shows are back. I must say the last few weeks I've been ready to start up a good TV tradition again. Yesterday afternoon Brent left for Argentina for a week--so the timing of the Grey's Anatomy premire couldn't have been better. I watched it from the DVR after the kids were in bed. I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, but it felt great to catch up with my "old friends" (Dr. Grey, Dr Shephard ...etc.).