Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dishwasher OCD

And just when I thought I didn't have a thing to post...

Was reading on my friend, Betsy's, blog where she commented that she had OCD when it came to loading the dishwasher, among other things. Hey! So do I! But anyone who's ever lived with or visited me already knows that. I can't help but reload the dishwasher after you when I see you doing it "wrong!" I blame it on Mom and the FHE we had on loading the dishwasher. She was so good at instructing on how to get it organized just the right way so everything would fit AND the added benefit of water actually hitting the dirty dishes and cleaning them, that the stars aligned, angels sang and I was in dishwashing loading heaven for the rest of my life! I subscribe to the theory that if you do it perfectly, everything will really fit. And of course I've proved it many a time when I've walked through the kitchen and someone is so kindly loading my dishwasher for me and I reach over and start rearranging what they've loaded. Do I say, "thank you for loading my dishes!" Or, "Wow! What a treat -- I really appreciate you!" No. Instead I say, "Want to learn something neat? If you load it the "right" way, you'll fit everything in and it will get clean too!!" So to all of you, I want you to know I'm truly sorry. I may not try to get better (because of course I really do believe I'm right :-)), but I do apologize for rearranging.

I want everyone to know they have permission to discuss this weakness of mine behind my back. I know it's annoying. I hope you can chuckle and say something to the extent of, "It's just Angela. She has dishwasher OCD. We want to kill her, but we love her anyway."


Betsy said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one!! I love the idea of an FHE to show the family the "right" way to do things!!I'll have to keep that in mind.

bekah said...

We know about your OCD! I've tried to load the dishwasher at your house. When we lived together in California I got so used to you loading after me I stopped loading it. I can't say I'm OCD about loading the dishwasher but, I am about folding clothes, towels and some other things.
Love you!

Michelle said...

Hey - I have that problem too! And I remember SOOOO well that FHE. Do you also remember Mom stressing the importance of RINSING RINSING RINSING and making sure there was no regular soap on the dishes (and making sure we didn't put regular soap in the dishwasher dispenser). So funny. That was our family's first dishwasher ever. We are so OLD!