Sunday, September 09, 2007


I've finally had an experience to make me understand the usefulness of text messaging during church! Of course Dan and his business partner used to entertain themselves during Sunday School in the past by texting, but I was never happy about it -- c'mon, aren't we old enough to give our full attention to the teacher?! (And then I was released from Primary and attended Sunday School for the first time in many years and realized that yes, sometimes Sunday School is boring.)

So here's what happened last Sunday...

Chad (Dan's business partner and now bishopric member) was conducting the meeting. He finished the ward business and we were singing the sacrament song when I realized, "AAH!! I forgot to remind the bishopric that we had a child baptized last week and they needed to call him up to the front and congratulate him. (Big, important event in an 8-year-old's life -- getting baptized and then getting called up and welcomed to the ward after baptism.) So I look at Dan, panicked, and whisper, "They forgot to call Cole up!" And I'm wondering if there was any way to discreetly alert the bishopric--notes, hand signals, ESP, blinking eyes...what...what...??!!!?

With no hesitation Dan whips out his BlackBerry and seconds later has texted, "Do you need to call Cole up about baptism?"

He hits send.

We stare at Chad, sitting on the stand.

In less than a second Chad feels the vibrate as his BlackBerry alerts him he has a message. He looks at Dan; eyes raise in silent question, "You?"

Dan nods almost imperceptably.

Chad reaches into his coat pocket and checks the phone. He shows the note to the Bishop. They whisper.

Chad glances at us and mouths a quick, "Thanks."

After the Sacrament is passed, Cole gets called up to the front and the meeting continues without a glitch. Hooray for the Cyber world!!


Michelle said...

Too funny! Glad someone could finally give me an example to help me understand this new phenomenon.

J said...

that's awesome! love this story.