Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Over!

Saturday night at 1:00 a.m. I finished, 24 hours after starting. I loved it. All my questions were answered and I cried because it was over. I agree with everyone else who has said they feel like they're saying good-bye to a good friend. But I kind of always feel like that when I finish a good book. So maybe what I really felt was sad that after 10 years of always having another Harry Potter book to look forward to; of always finding other Harry Potter fans in diverse places and of varying ages; of having so many questions, riddles, theories to discuss with friends and strangers; of learning new facts and information from web searches and visits to JK Rowling's website; of 6 years of one of my children wanting to be Harry Potter, Hermione or Ron for Halloween and countless afternoons that the costumes were dragged out for dress-ups; that it's all over. The movies will still be there but the questions have been answered--so much of the fun is gone. They can still dress up for Halloween as Harry Potter--but will they?

I read a fan's comment today that now the books are over, she looks forward to when she grows up and has kids of her own to share them with. Me too. Wait... I am grown up and already have kids of my own. Well, we've got two Harry Potter costumes (from the year Courtney and Marty were Ron and Hermoine). I think I'll set one aside for my grandchildren.

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