Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Newport Trip: Tuesday and Wednesday

Everyone's excited about digging a hole.
Grandma & Lucy boogie boarding!

Biking to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner.
Lucy, Courtney, Money, Elise, Morgan
Morgan, Simone, Ethan
Courtney & Livy

Grandma and Morgan at Ruby's
Chris & Miles on the boardwalk.

The epic boxing competition!

Celebrating Sam & Max's birthdays!
Happy Birthday, Max & Sam!
Brent & Matt -- super cheesy and super tan.
Simone & Jax were inseperable 
Gavin & Simone
Dolphins but no whales on our whale watch
Simone & Grandma

The Winger children getting comfy on the sidewalk!

Taking a break from the sun.
Grandpa & Diane
Monet, Elise, Morgan & Courtney 
Max, Sam, Chris, Luke, Isaac
Miles, Ethan & Nicholas
Matt & Lucy showing off!
Dan, Angela, Dimitrios, Grandma & Michelle. 

Lucy, Matt and Livy at the game

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