Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Marty Moves to BYU

Dropping off Marty to BYU was much less traumatic than dropping Courtney off at UW. We assumed we'd see him more often (which we have). And we've dropped off kids at BYU for summer camps lots of times. It felt like we were just dropping him off for one of the many camps he's attended each summer with a "we'll see you when you come home" kind of good-bye.

New Room.
I have to admit, as Marty and I walked around campus, I got a little teary thinking of how I used to walk around this campus and what a significant part of my life took place here and he was now about to have some similar experiences and how happy I was for him.

A view of the MTC from the kitchen -- good brainwashing!
We were able to move him in before the main move-in date 
since he attended summer term at the Salt Lake Center.
We headed down in the evening and got his room set up and organized. (And he really cared about getting it organized and that just made me more happy than practically anything!)

We went out to dinner than made a trip to Target and Best Buy to buy more apartment necessities.
By 11:00, Dan and Marty were still setting up the TV table, so I drove to get Nick at Sheree's. 
We'd kept saying we'd pick him up soon and hour after hour passed and we still weren't finished.
 And sadly, the TV table was missing a part so we had to return it.

And through it all Marty remained upbeat and patient. Not an easy task when it's late, you're tired and you're hanging out with your parents, shopping, on a Saturday night.

Marty's plan was to come home for the weekend and then head back on Wednesday when Freshman Orientation began. So I thought it would be fun to make a family trip out of it. We all went down together and Marty got to show the boys his apartment.

Outside his door. With a bag of trash he noticed was full and wanted to take out. ?!?!

New Heritage
Then we walked around campus and found Marty's classes while Dan and I reminisced.
And pretty soon, it was time for another good-bye.
Fortunately, this was more like, "see you soon."

Love these three soooo much!

Saying good-bye to another kid!

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