Thursday, December 03, 2015

The First Week of Christmas

I am so proud of myself because I decorated the house for Christmas BEFORE we left to Hawaii. That way when we came home we could slip straight into Christmas season! 
Sometimes I make myself so happy!!

The rest of the week I could just do my fun regular life stuff -- laundry and strength training on Mondays, scripture class on Tuesday and lunch with Jenny and Carol after, Nick to the allergist for his cough, Aunt Marge to the airport, Kids practicing and Homework, The Good Wife with Dan at nights (we just got into that show -- and now we get to binge 7 seasons!), Spin Class on Wednesdays, walking with KT on Thursday, a renewed commitment to no sugar and no white flour (I can't let my good work last year get undone!).

View from mine and KT's walk -- Front house down

I had fun decorating the front porch, sitting with Dan stuffing and stamping the Christmas cards (thanks to Dan who licked them all!), listening to Christmas music each evening, putting finishing touches on decorations.

And then...

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