Monday, December 21, 2015

And Then I Wasn't

After I was sick, I got better. And then we jumped right into Christmas. I can honestly say, I didn't mind being sick. I was disappointed to miss Dan's work party and kind of sad to miss the Ward Party and I also had to cancel the Friend's Party I was hosting. And our Annual Book Club dinner at Porcupine Grill. (That was a lot of parties in just one week! In fact, it was all the Christmas parties. It was kind of strange to not have any Christmas parties -- it definitely felt a little less festive than usual.

However, it was also definitely a lot less chaotic. It was kinda nice to lay in bed and watch TV. It would have been even better if I could read, but my brain was literally not capable of thinking. Or moving. On the flip side, I would wake up in the middle of the night and just lay there wide awake, so it gave me lots of time to think over my upcoming talk that I was giving in Church just before Christmas.

Here's what it was like to be so sick: I lay in bed and didn't want to move. Sometimes I'd take Advil to break the fever and sleep better, but then a couple hours later I'd wake up, fever broken, in a lake of sweat from head to toe, FREEZING. I'd have to change my pajamas and move to another part of the bed that wasn't sopping.  When Dan found out I had pneumonia, he moved down to the guest room. That was great because then I had my side, Dan's side, and the middle -- 3 places to move to -- when the bed was drenched.

I coughed so much and so forcefully, I'm not ashamed to say I had to wear Depends. In fact, it was such a relief to have them, I was ever so grateful.

I couldn't eat for days and then started in on soup. I lost weight and wish SOOO much it stayed off. But by the time I was feeling better, I was STARVING. And it was Christmastime, so...

I found out I had pneumonia on Monday. But with antibiotics, by Thursday night I ventured out and picked up Nick from basketball. On Friday I got dressed and ran a couple of errands. I moved slow and took my time. I started lightly exercising a couple of weeks later. But I swear it messed up my brain because I couldn't read a book for quite a few weeks. It seemed too hard!

I watched a ton of TV and really enjoyed it. I don't watch TV that often, but do have shows I like, so I got caught up on them, but soon I got bored of TV.

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