Friday, November 07, 2014

Big, Little Lies

A perfect Friday afternoon. If you haven't read Liane Moriarty, you must. 40-something moms with a supporting cast of other moms at their children's elementary schools. The always-exercising moms, the working moms, the in-charge-of-everything moms, a few nannies, cliques, school projects and of course, the Dads.

The plot of nearly all her books centers around an out-of-the-ordinary circumstance happening to regular people and the emotional complexities involved. A happy ending always results, but in the last book I read, The Husband's Secret, I wasn't sure how a satisfying ending could possibly happen. But, to Moriarty's credit, it did. I'm not sure how she'll pull it off in this one, Big, Little Lies, but that's the fun of it.

Her characters are so real and the complexity of their mothering emotions reminds me Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  Or maybe more like Little Altars Everywhere. Fortunately she's pretty prolific so she has lots of books to enjoy. What Alice Forgot is definitely my favorite. A 40-year-old mom with a failing marriage and a difficult pre-teen falls off her bike during spin class and hits her head.  She wakes up with amnesia believing she's just turned 30 is madly in love with her husband and pregnant with her first child. Possibly my favorite book ever.

And while you're stocking up on books, Where'd You Go, Bernadette, is the same genre and another of my favorites.

(P.S. The problem with a white duvet cover that the designer didn't think of is when you spill your peanut butter while lying in bed reading and eating a snack, it doesn't blend in so well.)

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