Monday, November 10, 2014

Best Sick Day Ever

When I was 8 or 9, Michelle said she was sick. I told my mom I was sick too. She looked at me with that unsure look and in the same voice she used when we asked her if Santa was real, ("What do YOU think?") said, "You feel sick too, Huh?  Okaaaay, I guess you both will need to stay home from school."  And Michelle and I looked at each other as if we'd just pulled off the greatest heist ever right under our mom's nose!

I remember cuddling up under blankets and laying on the couch together and lots of giggling. I also remember we got to watch whatever we wanted on TV (whatever we wanted on TV that was playing on the PBS stations). And I remember it being soooo great!

Well, last Sunday when Nick barfed all day (right after he said his Primary Program part he headed to the bathroom and not a moment too soon), I knew we'd be having a day at home. Who doesn't love a sick child that knows how to make it to the bathroom to barf and is still young enough to snuggle and watch TV in your bed? It sounded downright cozy.

Monday morning Chris said he wasn't feeling well either but I still made him go to school. Big faker.

An hour later Marty came to our room to say he was sick the night before. And a few minutes later Chris called from school to say he really, really was sick. (Oops -- sorry for thinking you were faking!) But now I was thinking I was going to spend the day with them wanting to play xbox all day and me saying no. And then feeling guilty because they were sick and saying yes and then taking it away later because you shouldn't play xbox all day when you're sick. That cozy day in bed was getting ruined!

The older boys went back to bed for a while and Nick and I watched the Muppets Take Manhattan. Classic Muppets. I love it. After, we watched Studio C (seriously funny) but these were just youtube videos and it got boring finding a new one every 2 minutes.

So we looked for a movie on Netflix. And just as we were checking out the Disney section, Marty walked in. "Let's watch Mulan," he said.

I was seriously not expecting my 17-year-old to be keen on Mulan. Although he loves Japanese anime and maybe this felt familiar.

I jumped fast. "Great!" Nick wasn't convinced, but Marty told him it was good and he'd like it. Then Chris walked in. "Why are you watching Mulan?"
Marty: Because it's good.
Chris: I know it's good. I just wondered why you chose it.

Can you see what's happening here? What do you think would have happened if I suggested to Chris and Nick we watch Mulan? But when Marty says it's good...they know it must be.

So we all sat in my bed and watched Mulan. And then while I got stuff done, they stayed in my bed and watched Hercules -- Disney Hercules. I didn't sing along because I didn't want to ruin the moment. But I was tempted. However, I knew my vision of us all singing "Go The Distance" together was in reality for my boys a nightmare. So I kept my big mouth shut.

But I was singing on the inside!!

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