Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 -- January thru March

Nick turns 7! Party at Rockreation!

Maui with Dan's work crew:


Kristin, Chad, Greg, Marion, Scott, Susan, Dan, Angela, Kathy, Lance

Biking down Haleakala

Paddle Boarding and Surfing for the first time!

Last day of ski school for Nick and best bud, Luke!

Christopher and buddies ski or tube every Friday after school.

Nick has two week Spring Break when everyone else is in school.  So... we take Miles and go to Legoland for a day and Disneyland for two days!


So scared to be on Tower of Terror for the first time!

We survived! (And went 3 more times!)

The day after we get home, Jaxon comes to town:

Chris turns 11!

Courtney starts lacrosse

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