Monday, March 05, 2012

Getting an early start!

Miles and Nicholas were awake at 5:00 am and Legoland doesn't open until 10:00!  I convinced them that they had to go back to sleep until 7:00 but that led to a big discussion about what time they get up Utah time and that they should only have to sleep for a few more minutes. An hour at most!  Be proud of me that I was very patient as I knew they were so excited and I had expected they would be waking up extra early.  
For the next two hours someone was discussing the time every 15 minutes. We finally made it to 7 when I let them start watching a show. By breakfast at 8:30 everyone was yawning!  
But the yawns are unnoticed by the boys because the promise of a day at legoland has them at top adrenaline and I love listening to their conversation. So entertaining!
Some girls were collecting snails. Miles picked one up and nick was grossed out. Miles said, "I ate a snail once. It was Elise's pet.". Nicholas running away, "Ew! I'm afraid of snails. I think they're going to stick to your face and never get off."
They've been telling each other jokes all morning. Miles: "That's a real joke. It's not one Monet made up!"
We used the rest of our time this morning swimming. Now 10:00 is almost here so we are ready to "start" our day! Yay!

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