Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Thousands and Thousands of Chestnuts

Our beautiful Chestnut Tree provides wonderful shade in the summer.
It was the only tree in our yard big enough to hang a tire swing.
But it comes at a price... 

 Horse Chestnuts come in a thorny shell--as prickly as a rose thorn.  Last year we had the kids pick up 100 a day.  We quickly upped the number to 350.  This year with two great windstorms about two weeks apart, we were able to get them all in just two picking-up sessions.  Our large garbage cans were filled to the rim each time.  Halloween day was such good weather and everyone was in such good spirits looking forward to the evening, the job was actually fun all working together outside!

Nick wanted me to save the Chestnuts he picked up.  They really are pretty -- silky smooth and a rich brown color.  Then they started to mold.

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jukebox6 said...

We have the same tree in our backyard. It is a beautiful tree in the summer. One year Ellie and a friend tried to sell the chestnuts to the neighbors in the circle. I think they made out pretty well. I wonder how you could save the nuts without molding.