Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Harry Potter Party!

My friend Kathy is a party genius!  She throws huge shin-digs for her kids' birthdays (or just because) and takes theme parties to a whole new level -- including actually painting living room walls to look like bricks on a castle or pink like Delores Umbridge's office!  One year she carved mini pumpkins and hung them from the living room ceiling!  When a room is used for the party, you don't work around the furniture, you REMOVE the furniture completely so nothing can take away from the effect!  She's amazing!  And she's one of my best friends and her kids are some of my kids best friends.  So I always get to be a part of these amazing events!

Last week, the day before Halloween, she hosted a Harry Potter Book 5 party.  See all the professors who came?  The sorting hat had a microphone rigged up in it so it actually talked to the kids and sorted them to their different houses (no one got Slytherin, surprisingly!). 

Each group attended 4 classes -- Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, Potions and Divination.  After classes they enjoyed a feast and then The Final Challenge where they ran around the house and yard on a Harry Potter scavenger hunt.  The reward at the end?  10 Galleons to spend at Honeydukes.

I'd give more details but I want Kathy to hurry up and start her own blog now that the party is over! 


Julie said...

Awesome! Lucky.

bet[c] said...

Wow!! I am super impressed with this woman. The costumes were awesome!

Anisha said...

Tell her to hurry and start a blog. I would love to see all my old friends!