Saturday, August 22, 2009

Marty's Summer Fiddle Fest

Christopher was just rifling through the dirty clothes trying to find his pajamas from Pagosa. He knows they're dirty and that's the point...he wants the smell of campfire tonight when he sleeps. So sweet--such happy memories. I said no.

I just had my first experience of listening to music on an ipod. It's true--my very first time listening to an ipod and it's 2009. Christopher wanted me to listen to one of the songs he just downloaded (Weird Al -- how old is that guy?!). I put the headphones in my ears and tucked the nano into my pocket and realized it was MY FIRST TIME! I've watched a movie once on my Blackberry with one earpiece in and the other in Dan's ear. But that's it. SERIOUSLY!! I find it a little hard to believe myself. Gotta love those Skull Candy headphones -- SOOOOOO much better than anything else -- I think that's half the reason I've never listened to an ipod -- the headphones stretch my ears and it hurts!

Finally a clip from Marty's Summer Fiddle Fest. (Mom and EC, I think you'll actually have to go to my blog and click on the video to view it -- See Marty finishing Book 3 a couple of years ago, click here.

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