Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

As much as I have dreaded the end of summer and the beginning of an early-morning schedule again, these last two days have been BLISS! I definitely love some PEACE and QUIET each day! Aaahhhh...

We were all home for dinner last night and went on a family bike ride for Family Home Evening which was the perfect ending to a great first day of school. Everyone is still excited to get to bed on time -- lets hope that lasts! Courtney has soccer tryouts today and soon soccer season will start and Marty starts evening orchestra in two weeks and Marty and Chris both start flag football in a couple of weeks as well. Evenings will soon become very busy.

Finally, this is how I found Nick when arriving home from Jr. High carpool today. He's been yawning for two days straight despite getting to bed on time. I think the house finally becoming quiet without the fun distractions of bigger kids and a non-stop fun summer with LOTS of late nights has finally caught up to him!!

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