Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nicholas Makes My Day

I've been getting a lot of hate talk from Nicholas lately thanks to his being three, having three older siblings (going to actually blame it on the two older brothers) and now having access to cable where I've caught him watching Spongebob and that damn (yes, I mean it!) show, Fairly Oddparents as opposed to Clifford, Arthur and DragonTales.

But today at lunch:
Nicholas: Mom, can I move the chairs in the shape of a square?
Me: Sure!
Nicholas: Oh! You're a fun Mommy!

Such little things, such big rewards! (Although tonight when he was in watching iCarly instead of getting pj's on and I turned off AND unplugged the TV, he told me he hates living in this house. Can't wait for the teenage years!)


frizzlefry said...

I figured that if they are going to hate me anyway, I could at least rid myself of the IQ stealing TV drivel. So, being the kind mom I am, I disconnected the cable.

And wouldn't you know, it seems to have worked. Less sassing, no battles over TV. And no Hannah Montana. YAY!

Julie said...

Sounds like my 17 year old son!