Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back to School

I've survived the craziness of the first week of school and have really enjoyed the second. Nicholas has his first day tomorrow (Friday -- weird) and he's so excited! I'm excited to run some errands -- because what could be more exciting than returns at Target and the mall, dropping off printer cartridges to be recycled at UPS and purchasing crafts to decorate the classroom door for Spirit Week? Too bad I can't squeeze Costco into my 1 hour of by-myself-idness (1 and 1/2 hours will be taken up by exercising and showering) or it would be a perfect errand day.

In other exciting news, I've been making zucchini bread and everyone has been loving it. (Sometimes I am so surprised by my kids!) Our garden had tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini and we've had tons of everything. I'm feeling pretty good about my first attempt at gardening something other than tomatoes (the tomatoes reseed themselves every year and grow themselves -- what can I say, they obviously like living in our yard)!

And finally, I'm posting pictures of our new office. It's like those dreams where you find another extension of the house behind a door you never knew was there. Except we always knew the door was there, just didn't like crossing over into the depressing chaos. Now it's heaven. I'm also including a photo of the piano sans striped carpet that I knew wasn't right the minute the guys put the piano down. But asking your husband and brother-in-law to lift a grand piano back up so you can remove the carpet isn't a wise thing to do. Dan's refused to move it since then, soooooo who lifted it and moved the carpet? Oh yeah...I'm an Adair!! And Marty got roped into rollng back the carpet while I lifted in return for not having to practice. The last photo is of the striped carpet now under the kitchen table and it looks great!

Now I'm heading upstairs to sew boy scout patches on a uniform. Nothing too eventful, but I really do love my life.


Sheree said...

I love your office! It looks so perfect. I can't wait to see it in person. I had to laugh about the piano--total Adair girl thing to do. I am impressed!

Camille said...

I love your office too--no wait, I'm coveting it! lol But I'm trying to figure out where it is--is it in the room to the left just as you walk in the front door?

Angela said...

Yes -- just to the left of the front door. I think the builders came the week after you were here! By the way, it was so great seeing you! I miss you and will have to see you in Arizona when we get down there so I can meet your family!

matt, bekah, jax said...

love everything! It looks so good. Can't wait to help accessorize those shelves when I come in town. Possibly IKEA and rows of the same organization containers in bright colors. Love the piano room & kitchen too. That rug is the perfect size for the kitchen.