Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Day

We spent the afternoon at the pool and my Dad's wife and boys came too. It was a perfect summer day hanging out in the shade with Diane eating peanut butter pretzels and the kids playing in the water with friends.

Late this afternoon I had to stop by the school to pick up a list of new students because I'm doing the school directory this year. In walked the principal from an all-day meeting -- a meeting for a program that my PTA commission is over. Last year she'd asked the commissioners to attend this monthly meeting. However, when I agreed to work in this commission this year, I talked to the principal (who I also consider a friend after working together so much when I was PTA President) and said I wasn't that excited about this particular program and didn't feel I could justify taking family time to go to these meetings (the previous commissioners said all the other schools principals attended anyway so I felt justified in not attending). She understood where I was coming from and agreed to attend the meeting and I would help in another way.

What I realized when I saw her today was this: I had spent the day with my kids at the pool. If I'd had to go to that meeting, my kids would have spent the day with a babysitter. Nick had enough of that a couple of years ago when I was President. Good choice, Angela.


Julie said...

Doesn't it feel good to have made the right choice - Good, Better, Best?

Michelle said...

Yea for lazy days at the won't be long before the kids want nothing to do with us on a summer afternoon. Good to enjoy it while it lasts. There will always be time for meetings later in life.