Friday, August 08, 2008


Just taking a moment from reading Breaking Dawn to blog instead. Only 50 pages left, but the laundry needed to be changed and I just hate when the washer gets done but I forget about it and 20 minutes go by until I remember. I prefer catching it a minute before its finished and pulling the clothes out of the dryer so I'm all ready for the washer when it finishes up. When I catch it just right I feel very successful -- like I haven't wasted a single minute of possible laundry time. However, when I forget and 20 minutes or an hour go by, I am not happy when loading the final load... "I really should be done by now. If I hadn't forgotten and wasted that 20 minutes, this load would already be in the washer..." Perhaps I have a bit of washing and drying timing OCD.

Speaking of laundry, my sisters told me that Dawn takes grease spots from clothes -- even after they've been dried. Dan gave me an opportunity to test this theory when while eating dinner at our local amusement park, he loaded his pockets with foiled pads of butter for everyone's corn. One butter...pad...escaped his notice and melted in his pocket. I didn't have any Dawn handy and because it's summer, very limited time to shop for dish soap or anything else. So I tried Mela-Magic from Melaleuca. However, I accidentally dried his shorts after the first washing. (Even after telling my sisters and mom how awesome I am at laundry because I put a little "Alta" magnet on the dryer whenever I've got something in the washer that shouldn't be dried. And it reminds me to get it out.) After the errant drying, the spot was significantly lighter but not gone yet doomed because I'd dried, right?!. But Noooooo... I spotted the spot with more Mela-Magic and let it sit overnight and Guess What -- it worked! The stain is gone. So now I've treated all the t-shirts and we'll see if those spots come out. It would be especially gratifying because I'm forever spilling on my t-shirts and that would be fabulous if a shirt wasn't ruined by one little misplaced spot.

Tomorrow is the neighborhood breakfast. And by neighborhood, I mean all the people who live in the geographic location of our church boundaries. So if you live one street over from me, even though it would seem we live in the same neighborhood, it's not YOUR neighborhood breakfast. You're having yours on another date.

The other day I saw tons of cars on the circle one street away from our home. Out of curiousity I convinced Dan to drive up and see what was going on. As we got to the top of the circle I suddenly remembered seeing a flyer sitting on the church pew for the previous congregation's neighborhood breakfast and that was what was going on. "Turn around! Turn around! Someone might see us! This isn't our neighborhood breakfast -- it's theirs!!" Panic and ducking ensued. Wouldn't it be great if we hosted a REAL neighborhood breakfast -- and several wards sponsored it -- so we could really get to know our neighbors and not just the ones that live on our side of the street in our ward "boundary?" Who do I talk to?

Finally... Only two more weeks left of summer. I will be sad to see it end. I'm not ready for bedtimes, alarm clocks, homework, carpool, kids gone all day, PTA, less daylight, cold weather. This year I will try to appreciate early Fridays now that I don't have a child who needs to nap.


Blue said...

i'd be your neighbor, even if it was just for breakfast ;-)

i'm sure there will be good things about school resuming, but i'm with you. i like summer best. winters aren't as bad here as in Vermont, but i still love the heat. except for running in. then i'm a fan of cool spring and fall weather. today was brutal.

Camille said...

K, I read Breaking Dawn last week and am dying to talk to an adult about it. I'm not quite sure it's appropriate for kids to read, but kind of like it myself. (now that I've made a short story long) Anyways, we are definately going to have to talk about it. :)

And if I could only be an hour late on doing my laundry--my family would throw a parade for me. It takes me FOREVER to get my laundry done. lol

Thackeray's said...

Okay, you do have a little laundry OCD, but you've given me great ideas today. I am so looking forward to trying to get my husband's stains out of his shirts. The other day he seriously got SOOO mad because he spilled something greasy on a new shirt, "WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN!!!" If I had a miracle cure, I would be the hero in our family!

Michelle said...

PTA you say??? Have you been lured in again this year? Wish I had your laundry OCD. I'm just thrilled when I don't wait so long that I have to re-wash the load that went mildewy (is that a word)? Thankfully Brent is good at switching the loads for me when he's home...unfortunately he doesn't have as good a sniffer as I so he sometimes sends through to the dryer a batch that needed to be rewashed.