Monday, June 09, 2008

Marty's Birthday -- The Last Day of School

We were getting a little nervous about Marty's outdoor water birthday party because it downpoured non-stop Wednesday and into Thursday morning. But by the time the last day of school was over, the rain had stopped and the sun even came out a bit. All the kids had so much fun and entertained themselves so well that when their moms came to pick them up by 5:00, I sent the moms home without their boys saying we'd call when they were done playing. They all ended up staying until 10:00 which was Marty's original birthday party wish anyway. I didn't go for it imagining an exhausting nightmare -- electing a more traditional party -- one with a timeframe. However, the day was absolutely wonderful because the kids were so good so I didn't see any reason to send them home. Welcome Summer! Happy Birthday, Marty!

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Michelle said...

What an awesome mom you are. I love it when they are old enough to entertain themselves and make their own birthday party fun. Happy Birthday Marty!