Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged by my sister, Michelle, which I'm really excited about because obviously, as evidenced by the fact that I have a blog, I like talking about myself. So, after much thought, I'm ready to reveal 5 Little-Known Things About Myself.

I'll title the first story: Wearing Makeup
It wasn't until I was a senior in high school that I actually started wearing makeup. And by wearing makeup I mean mascara. Perhaps I attempted blush for a winter dance, but that's it. Actually, I take that back. In high school I also wore eyeliner on my bottom eyelid. And in case you weren't in high school in the 80's, we actually put the eyeliner on the RIM of our bottom eyelid. Purple or blue, I believe.

So mascara pretty much got me through high school and college and at some point I added eyeshadow. Sure I'd gone to the Bobbi Brown shows and bought a ton of stuff, but never became committed. Then two years ago I went to the Bobbi Brown counter (I like it--why change?) to try for a new color of lipstick and met the makeup helper (clinician?) who changed my life! She tried to sell me blush and foundation like they all do and I politely declined. I'm always touching my face. And isn't blush from the 80's? She looked at me with a sad look of pity. "Do you ever look in the mirror and think you look tired?" Who me?! Mother of four with a six-month-old baby (at the time) and packing around 30 extra pounds? "Tired and old!" I admitted. She gave me a lesson on using modern-day blush and also eyeliner (which I still find tricky and I've actually admired others thin eyeliner lines--how do they do that?!) and wha-laaa, I was refreshed!

I was so excited I called my sister, Rachel. "I've learned the greatest thing! When you look in the mirror and you look kind of tired and old, blush and eyeliner can change that!!!" Through the phone I could see her sad lok of pity. And I realized I was the last to know.

2nd Revelation: Exercise OCD
Two years ago after having Nicholas I tried to start running again but kept getting shin splints. I bought a new pair of shoes and became committed to starting out slowly. Last spring I was running 6 minutes and walking 2 minutes. Alternating 4 times. Kind of a conversation stopper whenever a fellow runner asked, "How far do you go?!" But I was only doing it for me so I didn't mind that I was taking baby steps. I added an extra minute every week or so and have successfully beat shin splints and am now running 40 minutes straight. Yea for me!

I have noticed that I have exercise OCD. Having bad knees has partly caused this as I take my orthopedic surgeon very seriously who says I should run on flat surfaces. Therefore I'm very committed to running in the middle of the road if I can help it. When I'm on the edge of the road a curious little voice in my head is screaming at me to, "Get to the middle! Get to the middle! This "slope" at the side of the road is ruining your knees!"

But this fall the voice wasn't just looking out for my knees. It wanted me to crunch every crispy, colorful, delicious fall leaf that was in my path. Sometimes stretching a step to get a leaf, other times taking half a step to get one with each foot. On occasion I'd have to leap off to the side so I didn't miss one just to the right or left of me. I find the crunch very rewarding!

3: My Christmas Cards Are Done
Na-na, naa, na, naaaa-naaaa! :-)

4: I love note pads and paper.
I get a pad I like and then it sits by my desk for a couple of months untouched so I can just enjoy having it. Then I'll start using it when I'm ready. I actually pitched a huge fit one time when my husband scratched a phone number on a pad I'd just purchased with a vintage mom saying, "Because....I'm the mother...That's Why!" He was baffled, of course. I have tons of blank "meaningless" scratch paper in the drawer of my desk for just the purpose of phone numbers and such. But I get very possessive of "my paper." My Paper is for lists. I like making lists and I like having special paper to make them on. Now I have several pads with my name on them. And I love them very much.

And the 5th little-known fact about me...
I am perfectly comfortable going to bed with dishes in the sink.

The five people I tag are... Melissa A., Michelle H., Courtney, Kay and Mom (I know mom doesn't have a blog, but I'm dying to hear what she says!) You're It!


frizzlefry said...

Wait! Me, Melissa? Or another Melissa?

Angela said...

Yes, you!

frizzlefry said...

Drat!! I knew you were going to say that! Everyone knows everything about me!

bet[c] said...

I have 37 note pads in various places around my house. They are mine. All the kids have their own. Mine are mine. I am totally with you on this.

I'm also just figuring out the makeup thing. In fact, the girls in my ward are going to have a makeup party just to help me learn how to do it!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I would expect nothing less than for you to have your Christmas Cards done...so fitting :-)! Mine of course are only a loose concept in my mind's eye...also fitting.

As for the make-up, of course you never learned about foundation. You always had (have) flawless skin and never had a zit in your life. The rest of us learned about make-up in Jr High when we were desperately trying to conceal our acne :-).

BTW - I just got the cutest note pads. You've got to check them out... www.shanshots.com

Shoo fly, don't bother me! said...

My mom and I will do it soon. Thanks!

Shoo fly, don't bother me! said...

I did mine. Check it out! I think I broke the rules, though.


Shoo fly, don't bother me! said...

When are you gonna post some new stuff?