Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fun With Bekah!

Everyone needs to hop on their blogs and create some more posts -- Bekah and I have just spent 30 minutes blog-stalking at 11:00 at night for some sort of entertainment and couldn't find anything new. The sad part was that I'd even read all of Bekah's friends' blogs (and there are a ton) a few nights ago for lack of anything better to do. (I know, I really need to start a good book!!!). So, we created our own entertainment... Enjoy!


frizzlefry said...

Sorry! I'll try to post more!

I blog hop too. I like to refer to it as Blog-stalking. It sounds so much more intentional that way, and not so much like I'm wasting tons of time.

Shoo fly, don't bother me! said...

you guys are so cute, and you look alike, except with different hair.
i've meet bekah before right? i've meet like all of your sisters.
love ya, angela

from kay
ps, you should cheak out my blog sometime if you are really bored. you have a lot of free time, dont you. bye!

J said... Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. it's long, and i am enjoying it. should take care of the middle-of-the-night blog-stalking blues ;-)