Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And The Winner Is...

Michelle got it on the first try! The mystery "treat" was peanut butter balls. I recall making them with peanut butter and honey and then rolling them into a ball and refrigerating. This time I made them with almond butter, maple syrup and carob powder. They were super yummy but nobody was interested in eating them but me. Apparently they are much more exciting when you're sugar-starved as we were as children and I am now.

Also, here's what happened with Veggie Pasta Surprise: Marty had to go to football practice and we went straight from dropping him off to Courtney's soccer game. So I had all three boys in the car with me at dinner time. I put "Veggie Pasta Bake" in paper bowls and covered with tin foil. I grabbed three plastic forks and we were off. As we jumped in the car someone said, "We haven't had any dinner and I'm starving!" As nonchalantly as possible I simply said, "I brought dinner with us," and handed it out. What happened after I'm still running over in my mind to understand.

What happened was...nothing. Nobody said a word. They took the foil off and started eating. I chanced furtive glances in the back to see if they were all alive, and they were alive...and they were eating. Was it the cool, "tin foil meal" look? Was it that I didn't beg such as, "Here is your dinner and it's really delicious. I expect everyone to try a bite before complaining!"

I started fantasizing that they really liked it. That cooked in such a pleasing manner Marty suddenly liked sauce. Christopher really has always been such a great eater. I knew he would like it, of course he does.

Then we arrived at football. Marty handed me his bowl, "I'm done, will you take this?" But it wasn't an empty bowl I was holding but a bowl full of vegetables with only the pasta eaten. And each of the other boys had done the same -- picked the pasta from the veggies.

However, Dan, Courtney and I all loved it and had seconds.


Nancy said...

Are you sugar starved--or have you developed a much more sophisticated and more discerning Gormet Palate for the finer foods in life (like peanut butter balls)(I chose to say peanut butter balls instead of almound butter balls because almound butter balls really does sound gormet). I loved the pasta story. You always make me laugh!! It's 4:00am--jet lag, just back from Italy. Love you Mom.

Angela said...

Hi Mom! I'm glad you're back! I love reading all your comments -- and knowing that you just got back from Italy and one of the first things you did was check out what we've been up to on our blogs!!! I hope you had a wonderful trip! Give us a call when you're rested! Love you!