Saturday, August 25, 2007

Night Games

It's technically the last night of summer. Tomorrow night we will be getting everyone in their pajamas at 7:30 (yes, 7:30) so we can have plenty of time to wind down, read books, turn out the lights by 8:30 and stay awake until 10:00 in our beds staring into the dark as we will our bodies to switch to "school-night" mode.

The kids and lots of friends are all playing Ghost in the Graveyard. They've previously been playing Capture the Flag. It's 9:20 p.m. and I agreed to nightgames tonight under the condition that they finish by 9:30 so we can start getting used to going to bed a little earlier. I won't stick to it. I have too many fond memories of playing nightgames -- running around in the dark with lots of friends--screaming, hiding, running--with total abandon. I'm not that committed to bedtime on the last night of summer to break it up. So live it up kids! It's why I could be talked into moving to Utah -- I knew my kids would get the chance to play nightgames. It's why we bought the house next door, tore it down and replaced it with grass -- so the kids would have a bigger area to play nightgames. It's the last night of summer -- HAVE FUN!!!

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