Monday, August 06, 2007

Michelle, We Missed You!

It was a dream come true having an Adair family Around the World tournament. The only hard part was because we are now adults we had to be good sports about sharing with the kids!! It was a perfect summer night -- a great BBQ, the boys played basketball (yes, I do mean Dan, and Dad, and Michael and Jared, of course.) while the girls talked, and then we threw the football, jumped on the trampoline, talked some more, jumped some more and then the kids played Red Rover (even recruiting Rachel, Rebekah and Wendy) until it was too dark to see. The only thing missing was Michelle and Fam!!

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Michelle said...

Man! I really did miss out! I've been trying to teach my kids Around the World, but it's hard for them to grasp on a round trampoline. It would have been so fun to play together...and a good workout too I imagine (no wonder we were all so skinny as kids). The yard looks great - love the pergolas that have gone up since we were in town. Sounds like a fun night. Glad you were thinking of me/us. :-) ...BTW, just last week I started reading HP 6 (never read it before), then moved right into HP 7 which I finished last night. Needless to say I had a very large pile of laundry, dishes, mail, etc. to attend to today. It's sad that it's over. I did feel like it was tied up almost too neat and tidy so there isn't a lot of room for imagination about what happened after the book ended. But, I imagine JK Rawling didn't want publishers pestering and pestering her to start up another book. This was her way of putting Harry to rest. I suppose she could start up something with the next generation at Hogwarts, she definately left the door wide open there, but it seems like Harry's adventures are over for sure.