Saturday, July 30, 2016

Adair Family Vacation -- Newport Beach Edition

We have wanted to take an Adair Family trip for so many years, but it kept getting put off since it was financially difficult for several members of our family. In fact, we had just talked to Diane and my Dad about it at Christmas and it wasn't an option yet for them. But then in January my dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and suddenly we didn't quite know what the future held -- how sick he would be; how sick chemo would make him; or if the disease would progress rapidly and compromise his ability to travel.

So soon we were planning a family trip. Amazingly, we found just ONE, week that all of us were available! After debating many options, we chose to go to Newport Beach.

Let me just say that after a week together, we immediately planned our trip for next year. It was a blast! We all like each other so much anyway, but being away together -- no one hosting, no kids distracted by neighborhood friends, no work, school or other responsibilities. Just all of us hanging out for a week together. It was a dream-come-true!

Each day one family was assigned dinner or breakfast. Each family cooked once for the whole crew and everyone came to their condo for that meal. It was a super easy way to be together once a day and feed everyone as well.  

Highlights included sitting on the beach every day together, biking down the path on the cruisers, late night walks to the 24-hour donut shop, kids having ultimate freedom. Shopping, getting nails done, and morning walks and sister workout sessions!

Some of our planned activities (and some spontaneous activities) were:
Saturday: Arrival / After dinner, kids all played soccer on the beach
Sunday: Church (I really loved being with so many family members at church. Seriously, I was bawling because I was so happy.)
Monday: Pageant of the Masters
Tuesday: Dinner at Ruby's and epic boxing competition at arcade after
Wednesday: Whale Watch boat trip in the morning / Angels game in the evening
Thursday: Family photos / light up toys on the beach
Friday: Dads and cheetoh balls game

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