Saturday, February 01, 2014


Dan and I traveled to Seattle this weekend to see Courtney play lacrosse. Given that she's only a Freshman, we weren't sure if she'd play, but still wanted to see the team and knew it would be fun. She plays on the club team -- they travel to other 4 other schools and play 3 teams each weekend. This was their only home game.

Courtney played both games the entire time! She was awesome and had some great saves and plays! Way to go 2-5!! They have a great team -- strong offense and defense and a great goalie.

The lost by one in both the games we saw, but they were great games! Oregon even has a D1 team so their club is very strong. When UW got behind, they fought back and kept their heads managing great teamwork set-ups, shots and defense!

It was fun to meet some other parents also get to meet Emma! 

Emma and Courtney met us at the Crab Pot on Friday night when we arrived. The next morning Dan and I walked across campus and around the wetlands by the lake. We checked out where Courtney would be playing that day and walked past all the athletic fields. It was fun to see the football field up close and watch the crew team practice (especially after reading "The Boys in the Boat").

We walked up the Ave and ate biscuits at Morsels for breakfast then visited the Farmer's Market. We were freezing after the long walk and were so glad we had brought clothes to bundle up. It may have been a little warmer temp-wise than SLC, but with the humidity it felt just as cold. Had to buy a few UW blankets for us and the girls on the sidelines.

That night we visited Michael and Pamela King who we were best friends with at University of Chicago and haven't seen in 13 years! We spent a late night getting to know their kids, laughing and enjoying catching up and even getting to test-drive their new Tesla. Which, in fact, was on Dan's list of things he wanted to do in Seattle -- visit a showroom. But we ran out of time and then surprise! got to drive one after all at the Kings!

Marty babysat while we were gone and won big points taking Nick and his friends to the movies on Friday night. Christopher was away playing in the snow at Scout camp.

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Courtney said...

YAY thanks for coming out to watch me play! Loved having you both there!!