Sunday, September 08, 2013

Rise and Shout

The first home game for the Cougars couldn't have been more exciting! 
Starting with what looked like a tornado brewing as we drove into Utah County. 
We were trapped in our car for over an hour 
waiting for the storm to subside and the rain delay to end. 
Finally we braved the rain and headed to the stadium 
with thousands of other fans waiting beneath the bleachers.

But when the game started, the Cougars didn't disappoint. 
An unexpected 40-21 win over Texas made the night perfect. 
Miles and Sheree came with us. 
Christopher ditched to go the the Utes game with a friend.


Julie said...

I heard about that major downpour. Die-hard fans!

Sheree said...

We had the best time! And a tornado really did touch down in Pleasant Grove, or PG as we Utah County folks call it. I loved going to the game with you guys! Thank you!