Sunday, May 06, 2012

Paris, Day 4


Sunday morning we woke up and rode the subway to our meeting spot for our Bike Tour of Versailles. As we got off the subway, we walked into a Farmer's Market -- a perfect place to buy croissants and strawberries for breakfast! 

We met our tour group (Fat Tire Bike Tours) and then took the train out to Versailles. We loved riding bikes around Versailles! We started out finding lunch at the Outdoor Market. I stood and videoed the vendors because I loved hearing them speak French like it was so easy! (ha, ha) It was beautiful to listen to and so fun to watch!

We weren't sure which cheeses to choose, so we just pointed to a variety.

We met some great people on the tour and it was fun to find things in common with people travelling on the other side of the world from home! After several days on our own, it was fun to visit with people and make new friends.  Once we got to the Palace, we were free to roam on our own and take as much time or as little in each area.

The only downside of being in a tour group is it takes so long to get going. We saw bikes for rent as we entered the pastures of the Palace and thought next time we'd rent there which would also allow us to stop and go inside many of the other buildings on the grounds as well. However, then we wouldn't have had such a nice lunch and visits with new friends...  And truly, we weren't really in a hurry anyway. 

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