Monday, January 23, 2012

Coming Out

Last week I was in charge of the Jr. High Spelling Bee (and Marty won!!). In March I'm in charge of Maturation.  These are two little jobs, not very stressful, but require some thought and time to make sure all runs smoothly.  And I'm so good with that small level of commitment.

I just got a phone call asking if I'd head up Teacher Dinners at the High School during Parent/Teacher conferences next month.  I said "no" but would be happy to bring something.

Last week I got a call saying I was unanimously approved by the nomination committee to be the PTA President at the Jr. High.  Again, a big, fat, "no, but I'm certainly flattered." (Notice no one on the nomination committee volunteered themselves to be the PTA Pres.?)

The great thing was I didn't even feel a twinge of remorse. Not a twinge of guilt for saying "no." I did fall back a bit on "I've taken my turn" and "I'm Pres. of the Development Foundation next year" so maybe those were my "outs."  Do we need "outs"?  I think even if I didn't, I would have still felt perfectly comfortable saying no.

Part of me thought, "Do you know how many people I've offended this year?" It's not been pretty.  But I'm trying to recover from all that and hence, maybe ready to blog again.

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Sheree said...

I'm glad you are ready to blog again! I was just thinking it had been way too long since I had a blog update from you.