Monday, October 03, 2011

Grandeur Peak--Hi's and Low's

Today I hiked Grandeur Peak. 
It was shorter than Mt. Oly. I was in the mood for easier 
so I was glad to reach the top in less than 2 hours. 
The views on the way up were stunning. 
The colors right now are amazing!

This has actually been a sucky week and I was hoping the beauty and hike would clear my mind. They didn't. Instead all the alone time just gave me more time to stew. 
But I did meet a guy on the way down who has been out of work for a year and is getting a divorce. So that sucks even worse than 1st grade being a disaster. 
So I guess it did help me put things in perspective.

What also doesn't help a sucky week get better is raiding the cupboards 
for chocolate chips and finding some.


Michelle said...

Sorry to hear the first grade situation isn't getting any better :-(. If anyone can resolve the problem, it will be you. Glad to hear you found chocolate in the house to ease the pain...especially after you hiked for hours and could enjoy the calories guilt free. I always feel the chocolate chips are the last resort (maybe it's because I buy semi-sweet). Usually I find myself needing to make them into cookies to be worthwhile...speaking of, that does sound great right now...but I didn't hike for three hours to earn them, unless going on the 1st grade trip to the farm counts--which now that I think of it is a very chocolate worthy event.

Michelle said...

Mmmm, eating cookies now. My boys thank you for putting the idea in my head :).

Courtney said...

Yes! So glad you made cookies! Any field trip makes cookies well-deserved! Maybe I should buy semi-sweet so the chocolate chips aren't so tempting. I only buy the extra large milk chocolate.

AND in my attempt to fix, I have been living through a week of everywhere I go people telling rumors they've heard about me--essentially that I went to the district and got the teachers fired. Well, no I didn't. So I've started talking to people head on and telling them they need to stop. It's been bad.

Angela said...

Fortunately Courtney hasn't needed to take on the rumor-mongers. (Or buy the chocolate chips in our home.) That was actually me. :-)