Saturday, January 23, 2010

All By Ourselves!

Christopher and his friend Kayli found wood in the garage and wanted to make a table. When they had trouble nailing a leg on, they wanted me to do it for them. When I declined, there was some complaining.

Finally I said I'd "teach" them how to do it, but I wouldn't do it for them. I went to the garage and showed how you nail the nail in a bit to get it to stay. Then left.

They worked and soon got discouraged again. Dad came home and they tried to get his help. He taught them how to use the drill and the saw. More complaining when he wouldn't do the drilling and sawing for them.

But they went back to the garage and tried some more. A long while later they ran in the house soooo excited! Their table was finished! Turns out they learned that Kayli was great at hammering nails and Christopher is great at sawing! Nick got in on the action and excitement of building too. They were so proud of what they created all by themselves! And I'm so proud of us parents for not doing it for them!

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jukebox6 said...

This looks like a memory they will never forget. Way to keep quiet and out of the way. Cool story.