Sunday, December 13, 2009

Early Christmas

Just as I was getting ready to walk out the door early to get the Primary room set up for church, I got a phone call the the heat and lights were out in half of the building and we were only holding Sacrament Meeting at 1:00 and the rest of the meetings were cancelled. I wasn't sure what to think! "Are you joking? Is this a December April Fool's joke?" No, he assured me, but hurry and call all the Primary teachers so they know they can stop with last minute preparations for lessons. Ya-Hoo!! I was giddy and Christopher wondered if I didn't like church. "I love church. But I also love a church vacation!"

We had a fun afternoon all together. I made the pieces for our gingerbread house that we'll decorate tomorrow. We also watched The Nativity Story, starring Keisha Castle-Hughes (from The Whale Rider--another favorite). I highly recommend it. I could watch it again right now--it was really beautiful--and the whole family loved it. It makes me think of a book I loved in high school, Two From Galilee.

Earlier this year we had another "that never happens moment." During the Sacrament we passed the bread tray down the row and when it came to Nick he pulled out an entire slice of bread! His eyes were huge with disbelief! That was one of my greatest irreverent wishes when I was a kid--starving during the long 3 hour meeting and savoring the tiny piece of WHITE bread and imagining scenarios where I could get MORE! (I distinctly remember when I was young pinching a few pieces together and pretending I HAD NO IDEA I'd taken more than my 1 piece.) That was some good fortune, Nick, cuz that NEVER happens! I wouldn't be surprised if he remembers that the rest of this life!


Thackeray's said...

What a great post! That totally made me laugh - both the Church vacation (gotta love those) and the bread from the sacrament. You wonder if the priests did it just to see what would happen. They were probably cracking up.

Julie said...

I loved that book, Two from Galilee! I had forgotten about that book.

Sewing is always more challenging than it seams (?) to me.

Yes. I have the recipe, which I would be glad to print out for you.

The thing in the photo is a cat. Come see him for yourself. It is the first thing I bought in Santa Cruz, when we first moved there.

We have lots of things hanging from the light, because it is off center, and people bump their heads. That is why the cat is in the picture.