Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs are crawling in every sunny window in our house.  They came out in droves today and will be sharing our home for the next two months.  It seems a little freaky and usually I have a really hard time with bugs, but when these guys get in the house, they're really not in a hurry to go anywhere, generally stay by the windows (so they're not lurking under pillows or in shoes like the cockroaches in Dallas!), and while they fly outside, they don't really fly at you in the house.  Guess they're pretty tame house pets.  We better be comfortable with them because they're here to stay for a while.


Julie said...

They are everywhere! Ugh. Ruby is bothered by them. She hates bugs. I just ignore them, and occasionally flick one across the room, it it's in my way.

Anisha said...

That's one thing I remember about Holladay, they aren't in centerville. Like you said, luckily they aren't too annoying.

jukebox6 said...

When I was a little girl, I had never seen one before until I went to my cousins house in Boutiful. Now they are everywhere in Holladay. What are we to do? Are they safe? They don't spread disease, right? But do we just let them live right under our toes? And where do they go when we can't see them and then the next day are covering our front door?