Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pretty Much Perfect

My family is darn good at Mother's Day. Nick made me a present at preschool of course and had a clear understanding that Mother's Day was Sunday and I was not to open my present until then. Since I like surprises, I wasn't tempted. But each day he'd say, "Is today Sunday?" Then let me know I had to wait until Sunday.

Chris has been working on his gift at school for several weeks. He has quite the crafty teacher and when I chose the 10 photos I needed to send in for the "secret project," Christopher informed me they couldn't be "crappy ones" because it was for something very special. Not sure if those were his words or hers.

Chris brought the project home Friday as well. But while Nick was touting the "do not open until Mother's Day" policy, Chris wanted me to unwrap it right then. I said it was okay and I wanted to wait, but he couldn't stand it. So we opened it together and it was a beautifully, creative picture book of him -- which I LOVE. Then we wrapped it back up so everyone else could be surprised on Sunday.

Last night Dan and I celebrated Valentine's, our Anniversary, Mother's Day and Father's Day at the Eagles Concert. IT WAS AWESOME! We then made it in the nick of time to Albertson's before it closed to buy steaks to grill for tonight's dinner. With me picking out all the menu, everyone is assured that I get just what I want for my Mother's Day meal. This way, everyone is happy.

We slept in this morning but awoke to breaking dishes. So nice to be able to turn over to Dan and say, since it's Mother's Day, you need to get up and go supervise. (Actually I was awakened to Christopher coming in and whispering, "Happy Mother's Day." And then coming in several more times to whisper other thoughts he had that morning. Made me think of when he was a toddler and he never really understood "Mommy Quiet Time" when I was pregnant or Nicholas was a newborn. Marty and Courtney were content to watch TV while I rested and didn't disturb. But Christopher always would sneak in and check on me or ask me questions. Although not conducive to a deep sleep, I rest assured I have a little boy who still needs his mom and loves her and I find this trait endearing now.)

My perfect Mother's Day morning included lying in bed and playing a game of Sudoku then reading scriptures. Later, we all took a walk -- Courtney and Marty riding skateboards, Christopher and Nicholas on bikes, Dan and I walking. It was a beautiful morning. After we got dressed for church we all ate lunch together and because of course I'd planned at exactly what time we needed to have breakfast, go on our walk, get dressed for church and eat lunch, we weren't rushed -- and maybe we need to start planning a little better on all Sundays so we can always eat lunch together and not be rushed.

After church everyone worked together to make our delicious dinner while I sat on the couch and read magazines and organized some files I've been meaning to work on for a while. Heaven to do something for myself while everyone else made dinner -- without feeling guilty! What a great day!

But wait, there's more... The best part of church today was that the men all took over Primary while all the women went to a special 2 hour Relief Society. This is a tradition our ward started 3 or 4 years ago and my gratitude to the men made me teary all day. Because I'm the Primary President, it can be a little tricky to organize teachers for each class as well as music, Nursery and sharing time leaders. But the men in our ward are so eager to help and serve -- with such an "I can do it, no problem" attitude, they made it so easy! A few weeks ago the Young Men leaders all volunteered to teach and take a young man to assist. One man was the Primary chorister a few years ago and every year so willingly offers to help again. AND when I realized I hadn't asked someone to conduct opening exercises, he said, "Don't worry, Angie, I'll do it." (He's called me Angie as long as I've been in the ward.) So we welcomed kids and got the men directed to their classes. And then when I was like, "We need 2 more teachers!" They were like, "No problem and ran off to find them. Then they kicked me out and said, "Go to Relief Society. We've got it. Good-bye!"

And it's really a tender sight to see the Primary filled with men teaching. And setting such an amazing example of service, of fulfilling callings with a willing attitude, with their "cool" guy-style of teaching and communicating with the kids and their confidence in jumping in and loving it. I think it's so important for my boys to have male role-models understanding them a little better as boys and teaching them how to be men. So this Mother's Day, I'm giving thanks for the men in my life who help me be a better mom. I'm feeling really blessed.


Sheree said...

Cute and entertaining Mother's Day recap! That is sweet that the men even took charge of the Music and opening excercises. I would have loved to skip gospel doctrine at the very least to go watch that.

Anisha said...

Holladay has the best ward ever! What's wrong with Centerville? Really, there is a difference. Happy mothers Day. I'm glad that you had such a nice day.